About us

Based on the family culture of teamwork, we aim to produce exquisite, painstakingly-crafted wines that we can be proud of. We have managed to hold a place in the hearts of our customers by producing wines that are made with passion, honesty and dedication.
Alejandro Gómez Sigala and Letizia Mangione de Gómez
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About us

In 2014, Alejandro Gómez Sigala, together with his wife Letizia Mangione and his son Alejandro Alberto, made their dreams of planting roots in Spain a reality through the world of wine, a world which they stepped into with enthusiasm at the Pago de Cirsus Winery.

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The team

One of Pago de Cirsus’ greatest assets is its team. Each and every one of them, through their different backgrounds, gives it their all to guarantee the quality of all the brand's products.

Jean Marc Sauboua: A winemaker from Bordeaux (France), he has gone global in his approach to winemaking, by working in countries as diverse as France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Moldova. Today, he is one of the most prized winemakers in the world.

The Pago de Cirsus winemaking department also includes Gurutze Gaztelumendi, the Technical Director of the winery. Together, they guarantee the structure, quality and particular personality of our wines.

Jean Marc Sauboua
Juan Antonio Leza

Juan Antonio Leza: An engineer with a degree in oenology, he is a specialist in strategy and a cross-disciplinary vision of agriculture. His more than 18 years of experience as a technical and management consultant is the reason why our vineyards are so special and unique today.

The quality and uniqueness of our wines is the sum of many parts, one of them being our team, of which we are all proud.