The winery is located in the highest part of the Bolandin Estate allowing you to look over the majority of vineyard. Much of the winery is partly underground, which allows the temperature and humidity to remain stable year-round.
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Vat building

French oak vats age the highest quality wines. These vats have a temperature control system which is used throughout the fermentation process.

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Processing building

This preparation and fermentation area contains the membrane press, the cold exchanger and the stainless steel tanks. The bottling machine, labelling machine and bottle rack are also located in this area.

Pago de Cirsus barrel room photo
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Barrel room

1,000 French oak barrels sit in this room, hidden within the mountain, where the light, temperature and humidity are ideal for the wine inside each barrel to rest and develop. Each 225-litre barrel contains a single grape variety. Our wines are aged for a minimum of 12 months, up to a maximum of 18 months

Take in this area from the restaurant, where you can look through the glass wall while enjoying a delicious meal, paired with the wines from the winery.