Vino de Pago

In 2014, Pago de Cirsus received the Denominación de Origen Protegida Pago (D.O.P. Bolandin) qualification. From that date on, our wines have been prepared under the D.O.P. Bolandin.

The word pago comes from the Latin "Pagus", which refers to a small village or estate. Over time, "Pago" has also been attributed to a certain section of land that has particular characteristics. Today "Vino de Pago" has become the most esteemed qualification in quality Spanish wines.
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The 24/2003 law of 10 July on vineyards and wine

"a rural area with its own edaphic and microclimate characteristics that differentiate and distinguish it from its surroundings, and where wines with unique features and qualities are obtained. Furthermore, the grape production, wine production and bottling must be carried out within the Pago, in strict compliance with the production standards regulated by a specific Ministerial Order for each Pago"

The D.O.P. Bolandin wines must meet certain requirements. Some of these are:

  • Vineyard and winery located on the same estate.
  • 100% of the grapes come from the same estate.
  • The entire production and bottling process is carried out within the pago itself.
  • They must possess special, differentiating conditions that are clear and demonstrable, both in terms of soil, climate, and wine production process.

Pyramid of qualities of Spanish Wine

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The Pago de Cirsus Winery grows all its grapes and bottles all its wines on the property, where the Ebro River, the Cierzo and the Moncayo mountains provide exceptional value. The land, the microclimate, the varieties, the production method and aging come together to produce a special character and personality that is reflected in each bottle.