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The sommeliers reward Navarra wines

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sumilleresNavarra Sommelier Association has awarded the prizes of Quality Wine Competition of Navarre 2011. The food critic, Mike has been recognized as Zeberio Sommelier of Honor.

On June 9, 2011, in Pamplona. Ten wines from the Denomination of Origin Navarra and pacharán were recognized at the Quality Wine Competition of Navarre 2011 Navarre organized by the Association of Sommeliers. The winning wines at this year’s contest, in its different categories, were:

- Blanco Joven: Inurrieta Orchídea 2010 de Bodega Inurrieta.

- Blanco con Barrica: Pago de Cirsus Chardonnay Fermentado en barrica 2009 de Bodegas Pago de Cirsus (Iñaki Núñez).

- Rosado: Otazu Rosado 2010 de Bodegas Otazu.

- Tinto Joven: Lezaun tinto maceración carbónica 2010 de Bodegas Lezáun.

- Tinto Roble: Inurrieta Sur 2008 de Bodega Inurrieta.

- Tinto Crianza: Monjardin Deyo 2007 de Bodegas Monjardin.

- Tinto Reserva: Marco Real Reserva de Familia 2007 de Bodegas Marco Real.

- Tinto Alta Gama: Opus 11 de Bodegas Pago de Cirsus (Iñaki Núñez).

- Dulce Joven: Moscatel Ochoa 2010 de Bodegas Ochoa.

- Dulce Especial: Príncipe de Viana Chardonnay Vendimia Tardía 2009 de Bodegas Príncipe de Viana.

- Pacharán: Basarana Etiqueta Negra.

The wines were selected blindly by a jury of 12 members of the tasting panel Navarra Sommelier Association. In total, 102 samples submitted to the contest in a contest that has celebrated five years with these categories and nearly 17 years with another modality. The president of the Association of Sommeliers Navarra, Ceberio Mikel wanted to highlight the great quality of all wines entered and made a reminder to sommeliers and Eduardo Zubillaga Roberto Monreal as winners of the semifinals of the Gold Nose Bilbao, wishing them luck for final to be held this weekend in Madrid.

On this fifth anniversary, Navarra Sommelier Association has recognized the work of the food critic, Mikel Zeberio naming him Honorary Sommelier with the imposition of a catavinos mandarra and honor. The honoree, Zeberio encouraged them to further develop their professional work and wineries to recognize the high quality of its wines. Council President Regulatory DONavarra, Pilar García-Granero was responsible for closing the event, highlighting the many awards that are reaping the Navarra wines in the past year.

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D.O. Medal Wines Navarra in Brussels

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fotobruselasD.O. Medal Wines Navarra in Brussels
17 wines of the Denomination of Origin Navarra have been awarded at the 2011 Brussels World Competition, one of the most prestigious on the international scene.
Less than one percent of the 7,386 wines entered for the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles get a Great Gold Medal

Among them, a Navarre Cirsus Pay Late Harvest Muscat 2007 from Bodegas Pago de Cirsus (Iñaki Núñez). And so opens the medal table with DONavarra of a major international competitions the wine sector.

Four wines have won a Gold Medal: Agnes of Cleves Reserva 2006 and 2010 White Runes Piedmont Winery, Fortius Gran Reserva 2001 Bodegas Cirsus Valcarlos and Payment of Selected Harvest 2008 from Bodegas Pago de Cirsus (Iñaki Núñez).

The victory was complete with silver medals collected by: Albret Chardonnay 2010, Bodegas Finca Albret (Prince of Viana), Beramendi Winery 2010 White Beramendi 3F, Enanzo Winery Chardonnay 2010 Enanzo Fields, Fortius Elite 2004 from Bodegas Valcarlos, Inurrieta Four Inurrieta 2008 and 2008 North Oak Warehouse Inurrieta, Palacio de la Vega Chardonnay 2010, Bodegas Palacio de la Vega, Piedmont Piedmont Gamma Gamma White 2010 and 2009 from Bodegas Tinto Piedmont, Prince of Viana Chardonnay 2010 and Prince of Viana Reserva 2006 Bodegas Prince of Viana and Trace Together since 1958 2009 Enanzo Fields Winery.

The jury was composed of nearly 300 international tasters among sommeliers, buyers, importers, wine writers and journalists.

The next edition of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, the nineteenth, will be held on 4,5 and 6 May 2012 in Guimaraes (Portugal), European Capital of Culture 2012.

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Gold medal in the Challenge Internatinal du vin

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nota-prensaDO Navarra 18 medals at the Challenge International du Vin.
Navarre is divided wineries five gold medals, four silver and nine bronze in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world this year, thirty-fifth, had more than 4,600 samples and 700 wine tasters professional jury.

The wines protected under the Denomination of Origin (DO) Navarra continued success in the most prestigious competitions sector.En this time, after competing in the 35th Challenge International du Vin, held the last 8 and 9 April, have returned from Buerdeos , With 18 medals under his belt. This is a Featured Honours are awarded as one of the world’s most important cretámenes. In this edition, presented a total of 4,624 samples of wine cellars Elanora in more than 35 countries. Over 700 professionals participated in the doferentes jurors, who awarded the medals to the finalists.

In this way five wines under DO Navarra Navarra have been awarded the Gold Medal, the highest distinction. These are: Pago de CIrsus Chardonnay Fermentado en Barrica 2009 of Iñaki Núñez, Bodegas Pago de Cirsus; Inurrieta; Viña Parot 2003, Bodegas Malón de Echaide; Conde de La Vega 2004, Bodegas Palacio de la Vega and Castillo de Mojardín Reserva 2006, Bodegas Castillo de Mojardín…. … …

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Pago de Cirsus wines take a slice of the Big Apple

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pagodecirsusThe Kingdom of Navarra visited New York this past February 20-27 to present its unique food and wine to U.S. consumers in the Big Apple and its surroundings during what was dubbed the “Semana Navarra.” Restaurants featured special menus and events were scheduled highlighting the unique Navarra gastronomy. Chefs, oenologists and wine experts conducted wine tastings and culinary exhibitions to demonstrate Navarra’s rich history that spans centuries.

Among the top wineries from the D.O. was Bodegas Pago de Cirsus, part of the Spanish Fine Wines group. Pago de Cirsus, located in the Ribera Baja area of Navarra, produces only single estate wines and is slated to be Spain’s next D.O. Pago as of this summer. The designation is a testament to outstanding quality of its wines, which were on display at tasting events throughout the week.

In addition to an array of restaurants throughout Manhattan that featured wines from the region, the “Semana Navarra” also boasted trade and press tastings at the prestigious W Hotel, as well as consumer tastings during the New York Wine Expo. Jordi Vidal, Managing Director of the Board of Directors for D.O. Navarra, also gave two seminars during which he presented Pago de Cirsus’ Opus 11 as an example of one of the region’s best wines.

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Best Wines From Spain

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David Schwarzwälder been published in German magazine Sommelier Magazin a special on the best Spanish wines and Cirsus Payment is one of those selected.

Best Wines of Spain
Top 10 – Red wine between 5.01 and 9.99 euros
Selected Harvest Cirsus payment from 2007 to 1988 points

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Christmas offer in our online store

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The winery is located in the upper part of the farm, north, taking advantage of a natural way the valley between two small hills, showing only an elevation to the vineyard. Along with the various buildings of the winery, history, tradition and innovation conspire to show the exemplary architecture. Single element stands out as a tower house of 23 m, stone masonry in the style of the ancient fortresses of Olite and the kingdom of Navarre XIV century, which accounts for the noble part of the facility.
A symbol of the medieval Navarre, a tribute to the silent stone to hard work and well done.
Enjoy our wines in comfort and safety by purchase in our Online Store. We send your order to the address provided to us in a matter of days. Enjoy our references with ease.

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Scores obtained in 2011 Peñin New Guide

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Penin Guide of the wines of Spain 2011, which is published as we know, is a benchmark in the world of wine. Is the result of work done by Jose Penin, journalistand wine expert, with the help of a great team of experienced professionals from the world of wine for months to carry out continuous tastings for different regions ofSpain, so you can select the best wines of our land.
This year we can say with pride that the distinguished guidance has given us somevery good scores.

Pago de Cirsus Chardonnay 2009 – 89 puntos
Pago de Cirsus Chardonnay Fermentado en Barrica 2008 – 91 puntos
Pago de Cirsus Sauvignon Blanc 2009 – 87 puntos
Pago de Cirsus Cuvee Especial – 88 puntos
Pago de Cirsus Vendimia Seleccionada 2007 – 88 puntos
Pago de Cirsus Selección de Familia 2005 – 91 puntos
Pago de Cirsus Moscatel Fermentado en Barrica 2006 –  94 puntos
Pago de Cirsus Chardonnay 2009 – 89 points
Pago de Cirsus Chardonnay Fermentado en Barrica 2008 – 91 points
Pago de Cirsus Sauvignon Blanc 2009 – 87 points
Pago de Cirsus Cuvee Especial – 88 points
Pago de Cirsus Vendimia Seleccionada 2007 – 88 points
Pago de Cirsus Selección de Familia 2005 – 91 points
Pago de Cirsus Moscatel Fermentado en Barrica 2006 –  94 points
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D.O. Wines Navarra in your Iphone

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The Control Board presents its new Guide to Wines and Wineries DO Navarra for the Iphone.This is a list of more than 400 wines from different wine-friendly information. In it, key data are provided for each wine and the grape variety, parenting time and the recommended intake.It also includes the label of each wine and winery that produces their contact details. A tool that allows for a simple search, knowing the wine in which the user is interested in without having to carry a printed or, to be near a computer. The Guide to Wines & Cellars D.O. Navarra for the iPhone comes in two languages, Spanish and English, and gives a brief explanation of the types of wines that consumers can find on the market and admitted varieties they produce.

With this application, the DO Regulatory Council Navarra wants to complete its information materials on the wine covered. These data can also be found in the guide that offers web page: “”  and publication in papel.La recently released new guidelines have been presented at a news conference carried on the public profile of the DO Navarra Facebook to more than 1,700 friends that follow: “”.  There you can find the link to download from iTunes and all the information. Also, you can get from the banner included in the DO Navarra Wine Blog:

This is a step in the effort made by the Denomination of Origin Navarra in communication and promotion through social networking sites and adapting to new technologies. In this way, it gets the first name of Spanish origin that provides the consumer a wine guide for the Iphone.

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Article published by Vinoselección.

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Vino Selección

Vino Selección

Article published by Vinoselección.

Please click on image to enlarge.

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Developed in the UPNA new objective method to measure the color of wine

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Article published in ABC information according to Agencia EFE

The results of this method, published in the prestigious journal “European Food Research and technology” and “Color research and application” are the result of Thesis projects of Juan Vicente de Santiago and Javier Fernandez de la Hoz, students of the School of Agricultural Engineers (ETSI), as reported by the UPNA in a note.

Professor explains Begoña Hernández Salueña of Optics and specialized in colorimetry, the novel has been to measure the color of the wine with an instrument (the spectroradiometer), which, like the eye of a connoisseur, focuses directly on the wine.

In addition to the built catavinos a specific support to maintain the same angle with which the wine taster noted.

Hernández explained that “visual observation of the wine is always subjective, the assessor gives a name to the color you see, but may be different than you would another. On the contrary, these instrumental measurements are equal, then who makes them, are completely objective and can predict the color category in which an expert would rate the wine taster. ”

In this regard, these two students have focused their Final Year Projects in the implementation of this new methodology to 35 red wines, 37 white and 32 pink.
The same sources explained that the spectroradiometer is an instrument through which light is split into its different wavelengths, and processed to specify the color coordinates, but now this novel mode of use could support the subjective observation professional tasters.

With the method employed by the Group of Optics, “measuring the color of the wine (there are three color coordinates in the system established by the International Commission on Illumination) and also can predict whether the tasters say it is red garnet , cherry, ruby or tile, among others, rather than with the traditional method of measurement in cells is impossible to do, “says Hernandez.

For his part, Juan Vicente de Santiago, which looked white and rosé wines, explains that his work consisted in parameterized qualities of wine.
“Mindful that the appraisal of a wine rests on subjectivity and expertise of the person who makes, try to objectify this analysis giving parameters to one of the most important qualities in wine: color,” he said.

Thus, explained that “through measuring equipment and specific methods, we classify the colors of wine, drawing conclusions about them and establishing vocabulary appropriate to the results of these measurements.”

For his part, Javier Fernández de la Hoz red wines analyzed, because “we wanted to see the relationship between the perception of the human eye and colorimetric parameters of wine found in the laboratory.”

In addition, they wanted “to have a support objective, based on contrasting experimental techniques, which allow objectify the assessment of color and to establish the essential link between visual assessment and objective measures taster.”

He underlined that “the revolutionary of this study was the procedure followed for measurement, totally innovative in that it was an exact replica of a winemaker practice takes place in an official tasting.”

Thus, we measured the color values at a distance as would the eye of a connoisseur, we used catavinos official cut glass with a 9% lead for maximum transparency, were placed on a support surface at 45 degrees and reproduced the same environmental conditions of a common taste.

The samples were selected trying to cover the widest possible range of Denomination of Origin Navarra wines, covering its five sub-culture, different vintages and grape varieties, among others.

“The results were exceptional,” said Fernandez de la Hoz, it “was demonstrated great correspondence between the subjective data of the winemakers in the official records and the subsequent tasting of the wines objective results in the laboratory.”EFE

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